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This year in math I learned about fractions. Fractions are a very important part of math, math is very very important because if you think about it, math is everywhere.

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My name is Zach, I am 8 years old. I like experimenting with things that fly. One thing that I learned about myself as a learner is that I am a physical learner meaning that I learn by doing things.

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As the school year ends I started a new book that I hope to finish by the end of this week. I found this book snooping around in my big sister's room.

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I like writing because it allows you to express and share your thoughts, learning, your feelings and experiences.

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Why is reflecting an important part of your learning? Think about my  interests, think about my passion, think about your behaviour as a learner.

  • I , as a learner get to share my  passions and interests such as: 
    •  Doing a report on my interests 
    • Reflect and talk about my  interests with my teacher or family 
    • Do experiments on my interests and write a  hypothesis then do the experiment and write down a observation and thoughts   

Do grades really matter?

  • Not really, it is the behaviour of the student and how they approach learning is what helps them become successful.  Behaviours such as:
    • Being prompt
    • Working hard and showing perseverance
    • Following directions and reflecting on what is working and what needs to change
    • Being well rounded: playing sports, finding your passion, inquiry and driving your learning forward yourself. 

Are they actually effective tools for helping students learn?

  • No, because grades  were given to students for following the rules and being compliant.
  • giving students feedback insted of grades would be more effective tools for learning 

What can we do instead of giving students grades?

  • Giving the students the opportunity to :
    • Explore 
    • be Curios 
    • be a risk-taker 
    • be Creative 
    • be a communicator 

Alfie Kohn

How does this help you?

  • Not place so much pressure on students to get it right, mistakes are  part of learning 
  • Giving students opportunities to improve their learning wile giving them feedback 
  • Not making the students think that if they are not good in one subject then they can't do anything

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