25 Jun

Why is reflecting an important part of your learning? Think about your interests, think about your passion, think about your behaviour as a learner.

  • You get to share your passions and interests such as: 

    •  Firstly, you can do a report on a topic of your interest. 
    • Secondly,  and talk about your interests with your teacher or family.
    • Next  , do experiments on your interests and write your hypothesis, then after your experiment write down your observations and thoughts.

Finally, remember to analyse your observations and findings.

Do grades really matter?

  • Not really, it is the behaviour of the student and how they approach their learning is what helps them become successful.  
  • Behaviours such as:

    • Being diligent in your learning 
    • Working hard and showing perseverance
    • Following directions and reflecting on what is working and what needs to change
    • Being well rounded: playing sports, finding your passion, inquiry and driving your learning forward. 

Are grades actually effective representation for helping students learn?  

  • No, because grades were given to students for following the rules and being compliant.

What can we do instead of giving students grades?

  • Giving the students the opportunity to tap in to their strengths and interests such as: 

    • Exploring
    • Being Curious
    • Creating

Alfie kohn

How does this help the  students?

  • Not place so much pressure on students to get it right, because making mistakes are  part of learning 
  • Giving students opportunities to improve their learning 
  • Not making the students think that if they are not good in one subject then they can't do anything

The chart below is classification of learning outcomes and objectives  .

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